EARN 10% CASH For every referral client you refer to us. Alternatively, introduce us to your friends, relatives, neighbours and we will call for you and assist them and you will Earn Instantly (Do you know anyone that has been declined for credit, or someone in need of credit). We can assist the following :

1.If you need a home loan,personal or consolidation loan,business loan or Vehicle finance.

2.Debt review or counselling can be removed or rescinded.

3.Defaults can be removed/updated from the credit bureaus.

4.Judgements,garnishee orders can be removed/rescinded and assist for credit 5.Old accounts/debt of more than 3 years or more we can be removed by law .

Earn an EXTRA INCOME and get paid CASH the same day .Email your C.V and ID copy and Bank statements to hr@originpayments.co.za.