Who We Are

Credit Access is a division of Origin Payments (Pty) Ltd which was founded in 2012.

One of our firmly held beliefs is that Credit is a societal need – a human need and that no one should be excluded in  accessing credit in order   to build   an inclusive society. As an organ of society, we noted with concern that according to 2016 NCR statistics an estimated   9.5 million of credit active consumers have bad credit records. These consumers amongst others, are excluded from credit access and this alone reaffirmed our belief in an inclusive society and  gave rise to our corporate  formation  and our 10 years lending/credit experience will help us change  and promote many to access credit through our better  informed and personalised credit advice.

We believe the access to credit can work to the benefit of all of society. We make this belief a reality by putting our clients’ needs first giving better, reliably informed and accurate credit advice.

Through our better and personalized credit advise our clients have reaped many benefits as outlined below :

 Item  Amount
 Personal /Consolidation Loans Disbursed to date  Over R60 000 000
 Debts Written of Prescribed to Date  R2,495 211.67
 Garnishee/Judgements Disputed & Investigated Value  R102,621.45
 Home Loan Processed to date  6
 Vehicle Finance to date  23
 Disputes Lodged on Incorrect Listings on Bureau  2